Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Well, it's official. I hate this day. Not only did I not get chocolate or bling, I got puked on.

Ethyl is fighting a cold. Which for her involves a runny nose that drips down the back of her throat. She then coughs this up into her mouth and chews on it a little while. Despite my constant efforts, she has not yet mastered the art of using a spitoon, soooooo she swallows it back down into her tummy. Her tummy understandably dislikes having all of this snot crap churning in there. Poor Ethyl has also had reflux issues in the past. All of these together is not a good thing.

My baby girl was burrowed on my chest with her face on my neck. I was happily relishing the sensation of her warm baby milk breath on my neck....tucking the moment into my file of favorite memories, when it all turned to crap. Or should I say vomit.

Ethyl started to cough, so I lifted her up a little. This gave her the perfect angle to projectile spew the entire bottle she had finished minutes earlier all over me. It was pooled on my chest, in my hair and ears, and smelled horribly. And if that wasn't enough, some of the vomit started to drip from Ethyl's nose.

Which in turn caused her to rub her face all over my chest.

Which was soaked in her vomit.

Which was a slimy mixture of snot and enfamil formula.

Needless to say, she got a second bath tonight and I took a long shower. Rather proud of my mommy superpowers....I was able to get Ethyl cleaned up while reeking of puke without puking myself. It's all about putting the kids first.

I hate Valentine's Day.

Attempting to find a positive note to end with.....ummmmmmm, I have clean sheets on the bed and it's not the end of the month. Yeah, that's a good thing!

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