Sunday, March 13, 2011

Budget Crunch Solution

We've all aware of the rising gasoline prices, unless you are living under a rock.....and if you are living under a rock, the chances of you reading this are pretty slim.

Anyway, we're trying to find creative ways to save money in the Afire household.  So far Hubs and I carpool to work every day, I use vinegar to clean a lot of stuff, I started to use cheap hair shampoo and conditioner, I've stretched out my hair appointments to once every 7 weeks, blah, blah, blaaaaaaah!  All of the normal stuff.

The other day I was shopping at our lovely Wal-Mart and was really looking at the prices of stuff when I realized something.  Razors are fucking expensive!!!!!  Then the angels sang while the clouds opened......I could stop shaving my legs and save tons!!!!! 

Think about it.....if I let the legs and beaver area go natural, I could use just one razor for a month to keep the armpits clean.  (I'm not a total freak!)  It would be amazing.  People would stare at my unnaturally dark, thick, coarse leg hair and I could retort with: Economy sucks....something had to go.  Razors are a luxury we can't afford.

Hmmmmm, or this could just be a lame excuse for my being so lazy that I don't shave for a week (okay, maaaaybe two weeks) at a time....

Seriously though, we are giving thought to starting a garden this spring for tomatoes, potatoes, corn.....basics that we could can and use all year.  What are you doing to help your family deal with the rising costs of living?

But, I draw the line at cloth diapers so don't even go there. 

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