Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Craptastic! And a furry update!

Today has been craptastic in every sense of the word. 

I am in serious need of adjusting my meds as the low dose of zoloft is NOT cutting it and I am messing up and getting blamed for stuff I'm not responsible for on top of it. 

I screamed at Hubs and used the terms: fuck, assholes, shit, fuuuuck, screw it, damn and others in front of my kids while trying not to throw myself on the floor screaming and crying.  At this point, I'm not sure which would have been more traumatic for the kids.....mom screaming curse words or her breaking down in the kitchen.

I am feeling overwhelmed and underappreciated, which really is nothing new.  I just can't get a handle on my emotions right now.

My hips have been out of place since Saturday morning, making sitting, sleeping, standing, walking, stairs, and just about everything else seem like I'm 90 years old instead of nearly 30.

On a bright note, I do have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow after work.  Hope to adjust meds and nag him about my joint issues.

On another bright note, I furthered my Spring Cleaning to include my lady parts region.  I did not use the Silk Epil, as that seemed too extreme for this mom!  Nope, got out the weed-whip, followed by the beard trimmer, and finished up with a razor.  Things are smoooooth as can be now!  And Lucy hopped in the shower with me yesterday and took note.....talk about awkward!

"Mom, what happened to all your hair?"
(Me trying to play dumb hoping she'll move on) "What do you mean?"
"Your hair down here....where did it go?"

That was an interesting conversation.....

Anyway, I have also used the Silk Epil on my legs a second time and am happy to say it seems to actually be working this time!!!!  No ingrown hairs so far, and less hair sprouting up!  Now, let's see how long until I give up on it again....will keep you posted, as I know you are dying to know! ;)

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