Thursday, March 24, 2011

Put up, or shut up!

Okay, so I'll readily admit that I am dealing with 'issues' right now. However, I cannot be the only person out there annoyed by people who have to be wrapped up in everyone else's drama.

Welcome to today's bitchfest, er, I mean venting session. Yes, venting session sounds so much better. Less bitchy.

Anyway, I have had it with people feeling the need to tell me about people that I don't know who have had hardships fall on them. I love facebook, but you are partly to blame for this!

"I saw on my facebook, where my cousin's, friend's, sister was run over by a chicken driving a tractor! Can you believe it?"
"Really? Hmmmm, I could've sworn......ah, you must have missed it......."
"My status saying, 'I don't give a shit!'"

How I yearn to say that to someone's face.

If you want to talk about the state of our economy, drug laws, divorce rates, education, gay rights, war, peace, gun control,environmental concerns, politics, go for it.  I encourage debate of issues that we are facing and will be dealing with for years to come.  Posting and reposting and talking about people you don't know and will never meet just wastes my time.

Now, there is a fine line here.  If you are raising funds to help someone in need or trying to better a situation, by all means spread the word.  What I'm talking about is gossiping.  Our partyline telephones have been replaced by facebook and text messaging.  Don't bitch and gossip. Go do something.

Volunteer as a Big for Big Brothers Big Sisters.  Become a mentor at your local school.  Donate to Red Cross or your local shelter (people or pets, your call). 

Now go. And if you tell me about your friend's, neighbor's, sister's husband that ran over that bastard tractor driving chicken, don't be surprised if I punch you in the face.

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