Tuesday, May 31, 2011


For those of you who are friends with me on facebook, you are probably friends with CCH....Cindy Clark Hudson.  (And for those who aren't my facebook friends....add me!  I'm under Momaf Ire....'cause fb was totally lame and wouldn't let me do Mom Afire as my name!)

Anyway, CCH posts questions and advice that her friends send her on her wall and her friends, which number in the thousands, will weigh in with their thoughts and words of advice.

So, I asked her to post a question about anal sex that had been bothering me.  And WOWSERS did that thread blow up!  In the course of discussion, questions about my willingness to explore and be adventurous arose, so I am posting some of Hubs and my's more memorable sexual exploits!  You know, to prove my sex cred.

In no particular order, a sampling of our sexploits:

We have manually pleasured each other while sitting on a trashcan on it's side at a concert.

One night after a bonfire we had sex on the hood of our Jeep......that was a feat!  Me on the hood, him standing on the bumper, the logistics of that were insane!  And it was in the middle of a dirt road.

Toys are frequently used during sex.

Road head given on multiple occasions.  Although, not in the past few years.  Having a kiddo sleeping in the back seat isn't terribly conducive to giving oral sex!

Sex while camping with others right outside our tent.

Attempted sex in a hammock and wisely decided to stop before we ended up in the ER explaining injuries.

Porn is busted out several times a year as something to spice our evening up.

We have recorded our sexy-time using a cheap digital camera with video option.  Not really my thing, but Hubs LOVES it so I go with it since it doesn't bother me.

Showers are more fun when you double up to save water!

Literotica.com is a LOT of fun to read to each other as foreplay/act out what is happening in the story!

Basically, I'm not a prude.  Far from it.  And we really are very happy.  And Hubs really is a wonderful husband.  He isn't trying to dominate me by trying to convince me to have anal sex.  He isn't trying to make up for some shortfall.  He wants to try something that he thinks will feel good.  Bad news for him, he's rather large and the thought of anal just doesn't do much for me.  He isn't selfish, he rarely puts his pleasure before mine.  And those few times that he has, he always helps me finish the job.  I love Hubs and his large penis, even if he wants to shove in my anus for something new to try!  Just not certain I'm up for the anus action yet. Maybe when I'm old and things are stretched out and saggy.  Maybe then.  Maybe.


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