Sunday, June 5, 2011

Snummed Again!

I was snummed again tonight.  And sadly, it wasn't because of laughter like last time.  Nope, tonight Hubs really wanted to give me a facial.  Which normally is tolerable....not my favorite thing to do, but a girl's gotta throw a guy a bone once in a while.

Except tonight, Hubs wanted to shoot at a downward angle.  And for anyone who has been on the receiving end of a facial knows that you have to look at the giver, or you'll end up scrubbing jizz out of your hair for a week.  Allowing this downward angle was my mistake.

This downward angle allowed the cum to shoot straight up my nose, instead of gently landing on my face.  As the cum traveled up my nose, SNUM was created.

Now, let me say this about the two ways I've experienced snum.

Snum due to laughing during oral sex at time of orgasm = humorous and fun conclusion to sex.

Snum due to poor aim/angle during orgasm = not funny at all, no one walks away laughing.  Well, Hubs tried to and ended up crying when I kicked him in the nuts.  Then I laughed.  So technically, it did end up with both of us laughing.  Maybe it isn't so bad after all.   

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