Sunday, February 20, 2011

Doggie Drama

We have a dog.  Ricky's a handful at times, but he's wonderful with the girls and is loved by all of us. However, he is a DIVA.

Hubs is the only one he likes to eat for. And he rarely does that without treats being hidden in his bowl.  And Hubs has to sit right next to Ricky and keep him company while he eats.  If I try to feed him, he looks at me oddly and refuses to do anything but dance around the coffee table and attack the girls' dolls and stuffed animals.

Normally, this isn't an issue......Hubs will feed him in the morning and after work while I take care of everything else.  The only time Ricky being a Diva becomes a problem is when Hubs has to travel for work.  Like he is going to this week.  Leaving me with the doggie drama.  CRAP!

Last time Hubs left for 3 days, Ricky refused to eat and would then vomit in his kennel or in random places around the house.  This extreme would encourage him to eat some of his food or at least his puke.  Thereby insuring that it wouldn't be long before he could demonstrate how much I am not Hubs by puking again.  I can deal with kiddo puke, snot, shit, and blood with no problems or gagging.  Ethyl has even pulled the infamous "puke in mom's mouth when she's kissing me" manuever several times....nary a gag.  Dog puke or poop....not so much. 

On one hand I'm tempted to go all Ron White and leave the puke lie where it falls with a towel laid over it for Hubs to deal with on his return.  On the other hand, not sure I could stand the stench until then.

Anyone wanna dog sit?

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