Monday, February 21, 2011

Enough Already!

For crap's sake, I have more than enough shit in my house.....stop inviting me to your stupid home business party!!!!

No, I do not need any Scentsy warmers.  I am quite content with my little plug in that costs me $5 every 3 months to refresh the scent.  I do not need a $30 warmer and $20 worth of assorted stinky waxes.  Thank you.  Now, stop sending me invites to your house to smell all of the amazing scents and leave with a migraine due to sensory overload.

No, I do not need any Silpada jewelry.  If I'm gonna drop more than $100 on ONE piece of jewelry, it better be gold.  And I realize that your stuff is .925 sterling's still a FUCKING ALLOY!!!!!! Now, quit inviting me to online parties.

No, I do not need to order Mary Kay from you.  I have a friend of a friend that sells it to me at cost.  Meaning for 50% less than you want to sell it to me.  While I understand that you are trying to live your dream of working from home, you need to understand that I'm trying to survive right now.  And while my concealer and face wash are important to me, it's not that important. Now, quit harassing me about your great hostess perks.

No, I do not want to come to your house and be slathered with goo and wrapped in cellophane to lose weight.  While I realize that I need to lose a few pounds after having Ethyl, I'd much rather do that by getting out and walking than walking around like a moron with plastic around my neck, thighs, stomach, and arms. It's especially hard for me to buy into your product when you are still 50+ pounds overweight. Now let me get back to eating these cookies.

Leave me alone and quit sending me invitations to your stupid ass parties.  If you want to hang out, great! Let's get together and hang out.....without trying to rape each other out of our last paychecks.

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  1. And if you sell any of these items, I don't mean any's just getting really fucking old to get invited to a different party every day for the same crap! If I don't respond or reply that I can't's a not-so-subtle hint that *gasp* I. Don't. Care. About. Your. Shit.
    Thank you for listening to this rant. If you would like to comment or forward this on to annoying people or post it to your twitter or facebook in hopes that offenders get the point.....feel free to do so.
    Direct any hate mail for dissing on you being able to 'live your dream, while working from home' to the circular file.
    Or debate. Whatevs....