Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Suck

Okay, I'm on my knees begging for blogging forgiveness.  Motherhood stress mixed with health drama has stalled out my ability to vent to you on here.  And I know you miss it......because my life is that interesting! (Please note intended sarcasm!)

So anyway, life has been busy.  I've had a few depression induced that was really fun for Hubs to deal with in the Taco Bell parking lot. (Thankfully, we were in the only a few people witnessed me screaming at my family with tears and snot mixing on my cheeks while I struggled to breathe! Always look on the bright side!)

We've had the stomach flu.  Or as Lucy called it, "Potty-Poops" with "Big Spitups".  That was oodles of fun.  Two kiddos with water coming from both ends......and did I mention that Lucy used to think it was fun to burp and fart on command?  Note the words 'used to'.

Hubs has been gone several nights a week working on his masters degree.....cannot wait until that is done.  Except, he is already talking about getting another degree after this one.  Bleh!  Let's just hope it results in a better paying job, so I can stay home with the kiddos!  If that happens, most of this stress will be worth it!

After fully recovering from the stomach flu, Ethyl decided she needed to go for the gold and come down with RSV.  So, she's getting breathing treatments every 4 hours.  But thankfully, she seems to be getting better......just more stress for a mom who is already almost out of sick days for the year!  Of course, Hubs cannot stay home with sick kiddos. :/  Men!

Ethyl has also started occupational and physical therapy.  My invisible disease was passed on to her, and she has it worse than I do.  We are in the midst of getting paperwork and treatment plans figured out after visiting geneticists and other specialists.  Prayers for success without bracing/surgery are welcome.  Despite my occasional filthy mouth and negative outlook, I am a practicing Christian! :)

Now, I've been dreaming of stabbing bitchy co-workers, taking Tylenol-3 to ease joint pain so I can sleep some at night, falling behind on laundry and cleaning, losing my sanity, and waiting for my next doctor's appointment so I can up, up, UP my Zoloft or try something else.  Did I mention I have a stack of laundry on my utility room floor that makes even getting to the washing machine tough?  Yeah. It's that bad!

How are things on your planet?  Fill me in so I have some company while I try to catch up on everything!

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