Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hey Mom!

Mom? Hey, Mom! Moooooooooooooom! What is this?

*fill in the blank*

Oh. Where did we get it from?

*fill in the blank*

Oh. Who got it for me?

*fill in the blank*

Oh. Why did they get this for me?

*fill in the blank*

Oh. Hey, Mom? I love you.

Repeat the above conversation (the fill in the blanks were my responses) 29 times and you have my evening.

Items we talked about including, but were not limited to: my little pony toy from McD's; a funky hat; our supper; birthday cards from her 1st birthday she found (got to read every single one of those to her); a pair of pants; a throw blanket; and an item that I could not identify regardless of the number of times she asked me about it.

After playing 50 million questions tonight, I cannot wait for her to start reading so she can learn how to use google like everyone else.

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