Sunday, February 13, 2011

Men F-ing Suck.

I have an amazing husband.  I love him dearly.  He is a great father.  He is my best friend.

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way: MEN FUCKING SUCK!!!!!!!

After being gone all weekend, I come home to a mess.  I had towels in the dryer when we left Friday night.....guess where they were.  Not folded and put away!  They were still in the dryer. 

His dirty dishes were in the sink. His dirty clothes were heaped in the chair in our bedroom (despite the empty hamper being 3 feet away). He did get out more toilet paper from the hall closet.  But, he left the entire package sitting next to the sink instead of putting the extra rolls away in the cabinet.

I pull in the garage and start to pack mule myself up.  Get as many bags, and coats and extras on one arm as I can and still carry Ethyl's car seat in. He grabbed Lucy's hand and her silky blanket.  And then wondered why I was upset when I finally trudge in the doorway.  He then got more confused as I realized he did nothing this weekend.

I realize that men and women are wired differently and feel different things are priorities.  However, I am fed up with working roughly the same number of hours each week as he does and being responsible for laundry (all aspects: sorting; washing; folding; putting away), cooking, cleaning, child wrangling, shopping, bath time, diaper changing, and every other household chore imaginable. 

I realize he does help some.  But, it's annoying as hell when it takes him 4 days to take the trash out and we have 3 bags of trash in the mud room waiting to go out.  It's irritating when I have asked him for MONTHS to hang up pictures on the wall for me, and it still hasn't happened.

I do love my husband, more than anything in the world, but for the love of all that's fucking hard is it to help out once in a while!

I better get a huge ass box of chocolate and something glittery for Valentines Day, or there may be another St. Valentine's Day Massacre!

End of rant.  Thank you for listening to me bitch, whine and moan.  I have to go wipe Lucy's ass and get Ethyl out of the dog's water pan while my husband is off doing whatever it is he deems important. 

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  1. Woohoo! So, it appears my having a near mental breakdown gets results! :/ The hubs helped clean without me asking, and did a great job! Now, how do I manage to snag some chocolate tomorrow?

    Oh, and after long talk with the hubs I'm making an appointment to get some meds to help with my moodiness. Hope to post more tomorrow about that saga.....